Gordon ‘Goggs’ Roy

Gordon Roy or Goggs as he is known by the pipe band is the Pipe Major.

Goggs started learning to play to pipes at the age of 7 years old after his father suggested it to him. Whilst learning the pipes his tutor has Pipe Major Sandy Anderson of the 6th Seaforth Highlanders in Elgin.

He first played for the Elgin Junior Pipe Band then moved onto the Elgin British Legion Band and also joined the Queens Own Highlanders Cadet Pipe Band. At the Age of 15 he then joined Forres and District Pipe Band before heading back to Elgin and Joining the Elgin and District Pipe Band and then back to Forres

Goggs has also had a wee celebrity moment when he appearing on Opportunity Knocks back in 1972.

His proudest moments of his piping career was standing in as Pipe Major for Elgin and District and winning the Nethy Bridge Shield and then winning it again as Pipe Major of Forres.