Filming This Sunday

This is just a reminder that “Piping at Forres” – the team that organises the European Championships – will be filming a documentary in the Town Hall this Sunday (22nd) featuring the tuition of youngsters in Morayshire on the Pipes and Drums – see

The documentary will be broadcast extensively both locally and nationally not only to promote the Championships but also to show Forres, Morayshire and logically our Youth Training Scheme in the best possible light.

They will actually begin to film at 3:30pm but they have arranged to start with us (The Youth Band and the Tuition Scheme) at 5pm. The general idea is that between 5 & 6 pm they will arrange photographs and interviews with youngsters, parents and tutors on an ad hoc basis so there will be a certain amount of milling around during this period.

At 6pm, we intend to start the tuition sessions for the Scheme and the Youth band as we normally do and the Documentary makers will observe and film us as we go about our business. That is the plan but having been involved in this sort of thing before, we should be prepared for contingency !!

I would be most grateful if as many of you as possible could pitch up to the Hall an hour earlier than normal at 5 pm so that we can get the most out of this event. We are dependent on community funding to keep the Scheme going and this documentary will significantly lift our profile and ease the pain of future fundraising.


Thank you in advance for your support


Best regards


John Channon